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Blood Moon -- Emmenogogue Tea

Blood Moon -- Emmenogogue Tea

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Organic Orange Peel, Western Red Cedar and Angelica root make a delicious, sweet and bitter blend to support the menstrual cycle.  May be suitable as herbal support for pre and post-menopausal people.

Angelica Root is a bitter brew, but if you complete this amazing blend, the last sip is sweet from the orange peel granules settling to the bottom.

Suggested Use: Drink 24oz of infusion a day, for up to 5 days leading up to your menstruation.  Please consult a healthcare provider before beginning a protocol.

How it works: 

Thujone is the active constituent sought in herbs for abortifacient properties.  Angelica provides uterine contractions to help express the menstruation.

Notes on toxicity: 

Vitamin C Toxicity: possible kidney irritation, loose bowels.

Angelica Root Toxicity: irritant to kidney and liver, not studied as much as pennyroyal. Contraindicated in diabetes as it raises blood sugar levels.

Western Red Cedar: the active volatile oil, Thujone can be toxic at high levels and when used for an extended period

To see more information about Herbal Contraceptives, check out Henriette's Herbal Knowledge Database around Herbal Abortives and Birth Control

Care information

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they are all shelf stable, so no refrigeration is needed, however, all containers should be air tight to maintain freshness.

keep these remedies close to your heart, store them in a place you will find them and visit them often.

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