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Plan(T) B: Queen Anne's Lace Tincture

Plan(T) B: Queen Anne's Lace Tincture

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Queen Anne's Lace Tincture -- Herbal Birth Control

(30 ml) in amber bottle :: 2-3 droppers full every 8 hours for 3 days following "accident"; utilize the provided guide for more detailed information

IMPORTANT: do not use if you've used hormonal BC within seven days. Not for daily use.  The more you use this tincture, the less effective it will be. 

Learn more about QAL:

ingredients (summer 2022 blend)

  • organic queen anne's lace seed
  • herbal extracts: red roses, rosemary
  • tequila
  • spring water from mt. shasta
  • organic maple syrup

comes with natural birth control// conscious contraception guide card + instructions

scan the QR code in your package to receive the crash course in innerstanding herbal and rhythm based contraception.

Care information

store all remedies in cool, dark place.

they are all shelf stable, so no refrigeration is needed, however, all containers should be air tight to maintain freshness.

keep these remedies close to your heart, store them in a place you will find them and visit them often.

singing music for them and sharing with friends is encouraged!

feel free to contact us

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